Domestic violence/sexual assault

Mission: CCWC is dedicated to assisting survivors of domestic violence build violence-free lives, and to reduce domestic violence through community education initiatives. All services are free and confidential. The mission of CCWC is to provide women and men with the safety, security, and strength to move forward.

Website:  http://www.camdencountywomenscenter.org/

Volunteer form/page: https://sites.google.com/a/njaconline.org/camden-county-women-s-center/get-involved/dvrt
Email: ccwcinfo@njaconline.org
Phone: 856-963-5668

What volunteers do: Domestic Violence Response Team volunteers provide alternatives, and referrals to victims of domestic violence while they are in crisis following a domestic violence call in police stations and hospitals. Police officers provide protection to victims of domestic violence by arresting and processing the batterer, while DVRT volunteers help the victim to feel less isolated and alone. DVRT volunteers provide emotional support, information on domestic violence, community resources, and safety planning. All DVRT volunteers are 40-hour trained. New volunteers need apply, submit to a background check, attend an interview, and then complete the 40-hour training. 40-hour trainings occur twice a year, in the Spring and the Fall.

FYI: Once a volunteer is in the program, he or she will schedule himself for a minimum of 5, 6-hour shifts a month, once occurring on a weekend. These "shifts" are promises to be on-call and available if a police department or hospital requests an advocate for a victim. Volunteers will need to attend quarterly team meetings and quarterly trainings on hot-topics and other legal and program updates.

Region: Camden

Mission: To enhance the safety and autonomy of domestic violence victims and their children by providing accessible and coordinated service in one location.

Website: http://www.essexcountyfjc.org/

Volunteer page: http://www.essexcountyfjc.org/volunteer
Email: volunteer@essexcountyfjc.org
Phone: 973-230-7229

What volunteers do:

  • Assist with critical Administrative Duties, such as clerical support, special events management assistance, research and statistics gathering, etc.
  • Provide support for Operations, such as hospitality, reception, and the Children’s Room.
  • Assist with Special Projects and Events, including program development, grant writing, fundraising events, media outreach, public relations, and planning of community events.  Excellent opportunity for volunteers with public relations, grant writing, or program planning skills or those seeking social service experience.

Region: Newark, Essex County 

Mission:  Our community reflects a diverse demographic profile of a largely Hispanic and African-American population. La Casa provides expanded, multidimensional services in the following areas: early childhood development, youth educational, cultural and recreational programs, youth & family counseling, health initiatives, HIV/AIDS prevention & services, WorkForce development & job placement, affordable housing development and counseling, community development and organizing, emergency and home energy assistance, and home energy conservation.

Website:  http://www.lacasanwk.org/

Volunteer form: http://www.lacasanwk.org/media//2010/07/VOLUNTEER-APPLICATION.pdf

Email: info@lacasanwk.org
Phone: 973-482-8312

What volunteers do:

  • Short-term and long-term event support.
  • Building Improvements (Painting, Landscaping, etc.)
  • Community Building
  • Community Development
  • Fundraising
  • Health Services
  • Immigration Services
  • Office Work
  • Public Relations/Marketing
  • Tutoring

FYI: All Volunteers are required to fill out a volunteer application including thorough background check, proof of identification, and references.

Region: Newark, Essex County

Mission: Provides full access to essential civil legal aid for all economically disadvantaged people who cannot secure a lawyer on their own.  
Legal Services seeks to secure equal substantive and procedural justice for all economically disadvantaged people.

Website: http://www.lsnj.org

Volunteer page: http://www.lsnj.org/Volunteer
Email: jobs@lsnj.org
Phone: 1-888-576-5529

What volunteers do: Attorney, Hotline Telephone Intake & Paralegal, Tax Preparation, General Clerical & Administrative Assistant, Social Worker-MSW, Translation & Interpretation Services, and Publications.

Region: Edison, Middlesex County

Mission: Manavi’s mission is to end violence against women, specifically family violence and sexual abuse. However, violence by intimate partners is not the only purview of the organization since Manavi defines violence against women as attitudes, conditions, and behaviors that contribute to woman-abuse and perpetuate women’s subordination in society. Manavi adheres to the empowerment model of advocacy, leading to a work philosophy of social change and shared struggle for liberation with women who have suffered violence.

Website: http://manavi.org/

Volunteer page: http://manavi.org/get-involved/volunteering/
Email: poonam@manavi.org
Phone: (732) 435-1414

What volunteers do: Prospective volunteers must attend a two hour orientation session that is offered three (3) times a year. The orientation session helps individuals understand Manavi’s philosophy and values and the various opportunities of volunteering with Manavi. We are also open to new ideas and skills that volunteers might bring to enhance women’s wellbeing and empowerment. Areas of volunteer engagement:

  • Peer Supportive Counseling and Advocacy
  • Transportation
  • Medical and Court accompaniment
  • Childcare
  • Outreach and Community Events
  • Newsletter/Publication
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Fundraising
  • Grant writing
  • Office Support
  • Technical Support
  • Needed volunteer who is fluent in Sylheti to assist in community outreach in Paterson, as well as interpretation for advocates

Region: Statewide

Mission: Help survivors of domestic abuse find safety, heal and establish a life free from abuse. Empower survivors of domestic abuse and engage the community to break the cycle of violence.

Website: https://www.safe-sound.org/

Volunteer form/page: https://www.safe-sound.org/support/volunteer
Email: info@safe-sound.org
Phone: 908-359-0003

What volunteers do:

  • Legal Advocates – Guide clients through the complicated legal system
  • Hotline Counselors – Answer 24-hour emergency hotline calls and texts
  • Domestic Violence Response Team – Work with police to assist victims in the midst of crisis
  • Community Educators – Make presentations about domestic abuse
  • Childcare – Supervise children while parents are in counseling
  • Youth Programs Assistants – Read to children, teach music, chaperone field trips, assist with arts & crafts and cook with youth in shelter.
  • Food Shoppers – Supply our safe house with groceries and other amenities (using our account)
  • Office Support – Help staff with general office work such as copying and preparing mailings
  • Fundraising Help – Lead or participate in committees to create and implement successful events, appeals and campaigns to fund programs for survivors
  • Life Skills Mentors – Support clients who are building skills needed to live independently; assist with job preparation, credit counseling, budgeting, learning English as a second language, furthering education and resume writing.
  • Event Planners - Organize and implement activities  such as our annual Candlelight Vigil to increase awareness surrounding domestic abuse & teen dating violence


  • Most volunteer positions with Safe+Sound Somerset require various levels of training, especially those jobs that have direct contact with clients. The jobs available are broken down into three groups: those requiring only orientation training, those requiring 40 hours of training, and those requiring 40 hours of training coupled with additional specialized training. We ask that you attend the scheduled volunteer meetings and that you commit to volunteer with us for a minimum of one year after training.
  • any individuals who wish to volunteer with Safe+Sound Somerset will be subject to a Background Check.

Region: Hillsborough

Mission: To prevent abuse, protect families and change lives through empowerment and a safety net of supportive services.

Website:  http://www.womenrising.org

Volunteer page: https://womanspace.org/volunteers-members/
Volunteer form: https://www.womanspace.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Volunteer-Application.pdf
Email: saa@womanspace.org
Phone: 609.394.0136

What volunteers do:

  • Administrative Offices.
  • Community Educator. Fulfill speaking requests from civic associations, community and faith-based organizations, businesses, schools and others interested in understanding interpersonal abuse and violence. Specific training is provided.
  • Event Volunteer.
  • Legal Services. Family law attorneys, bilingual a plus, to assist with the Womanspace Legal Clinic.
  • Fundraising Committee. Develop and implement plans to raise money to benefit Womanspace.
  • Domestic Violence Victim Response Teams. Volunteers are trained to meet with victims of domestic violence at police stations to provide information and support.
  • Sexual Assault Support Services Advocates. Work to enhance the victim-centered approach that is now standard for providing services to sexual assault victims. They provide accompaniment to hospitals in response to crisis calls received by the hotline, from local hospitals, police or the prosecutor’s office.
    Advocates provide crisis intervention, counseling, emotional support, information and referrals to sexual assault victims and their significant others. They may also be asked to support a survivor through follow-up with medical care and law enforcement proceedings.

FYI: Special qualifications are needed for volunteers of the Domestic Violence Victim Response Teams, and Sexual Assault Support Services Advocates, as well as a special form.  Also, please email dvvrt@womanspace.org or sass@womanspace.org. Phone: 609-394-0136

Region: Mercer County

Mission: Assist women and their families to achieve self-sufficiency and live safe, productive and fulfilling lives, through social services, economic development, and advocacy services.

Website:  http://www.womenrising.org
Volunteer page: http://www.womenrising.org/join-us#volunteer
Phone: 201-333-5700

What volunteers do:

The  Domestic  Violence  Response  Team  Members provide support  and assistance to  victims  of  domestic violence  and  their families at the  police department. The DVRT volunteers should be able to:

  • Explain domestic violence laws to victims
  • Identify services each client needs and refer clients to services at WomenRising
  • Assist clients to seek shelter, explain the dynamics of domestic violence, provide emotional support, and assist victims in preparing a safety plan
  • Successfully complete 50+ hours of DVRT training provided by WomenRising

General Office Help/Organizing:

  • Help with filing and general office work
  • Help organizing mailings and materials before events
  • Help  with tasks on the day of events

Region: Jersey City, Hudson County