Economic Justice

Mission:  Foster self-reliant families and healthy, sustainable communities:

  • revitalizes communities by working alongside local residents to plan their neighborhoods’ future, and by developing energy efficient, affordable and healthy homes, parks, gardens, shared facilities, and more
  • trains and educates adults and youth through an alternative high school, vocational center, and family support services
  • builds wealth through innovative financial services and loans that help restore credit and increase savings
  • promotes healthy living by tackling environmental hazards, fostering energy efficiency, improving open space, and expanding access to locally grown food

Website:  https://isles.org/

Volunteer Page: https://isles.org/volunteer#.WOVZHBLyuRs
Volunteer form: https://isles.org/volunteer/contact#.WOVZPxLyuRs
Email:   volunteers@isles.org
Phone:  609-341-4738

What volunteers do:

  • Recreation Volunteers: Assist with engaging with community members and youth in healthy, fun activities in various locations around town.
  • IT Equipment Inventory and Disposition: Inventory, organize, evaluate, and realize value from our inventory excess of IT equipment.
  • Photographer: Take photos at our events, which we can then share with various media outlets.
  • Community Representatives: Volunteers are needed in neighborhoods throughout the area to greet representatives from Isles, introduce them to the resources in your neighborhood, and guide them while they carry out their projects.
  • Isles Youth Institute Mentors: Do fun, healthy activities with their mentees for four hours a month, and they serve as a positive and caring role model for at-risk youth.
  • Professional Guests: Help students practice their networking and career skills by attending events, doing mock interviews, and giving presentations on their careers.
  • Lunch Aide: Serve lunch to students at the Isles Youth Institute.
  • Garden Docents: Work with schools and neighborhoods to create interactive events in the community gardens.
  • Garden Stewards: Take care of a community garden.
  • Special Projects and Events: If you have specific interests, skills, or time constraints, these are a great way of support.

FYI: Volunteers who work directly with youth are screened and must pass a background check. Volunteers working with personal information must sign and abide by a confidentiality agreement. All Volunteers need to sign a liability waiver and photo release to participate in our projects.

Region: Trenton, Mercer County

Mission: NJCA is a statewide grassroots organization that fights for economic and social justice. We combine on the ground organizing, legislative advocacy, and electoral campaigns to win progressive policy and political victories that make a difference in people’s lives.
Through education, outreach and direct services, we empower people to take control of their economic futures.

Website: https://njcitizenaction.org/

Volunteer form/page: https://njcitizenaction.org/?page_id=180
Phone: Interested individuals should call NJCA at (732) 246-4772 or (973) 643-8800 and speak with Ann, India, Dena or, Maura.

What volunteers do: New Jersey Citizen Action is in need of volunteers working out of our Highland Park and Newark offices on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays to do data inputting of and phone calling to activists across the state, inviting them to participate in upcoming events and actions coordinated by NJCA.

Region: Highland Park and Newark, Middlesex and Essex Counties