Mission: AmpleHarvest.org eliminates food waste, hunger and malnutrition in America by educating, encouraging and empowering growers to share their excess harvest with thousands of local food pantries instead of letting it rot in the garden.

Website: http://ampleharvest.org/

Volunteer form/page: http://ampleharvest.org/get-involved/
Email: info@AmpleHarvest.org

What volunteers do:

  • Communicate with food pantries in your area to be added to the Ample Harvest free program.
  • Help spread the word and ideas of Ample Harvest among food growers in your community, by handing and posting fliers, reaching out to local media, social media platforms.
  • If you’re a grower, Share it! Hosting a party? Donate the leftovers and extra food to a food pantry.

Region: Statewide

Mission: Achieve responsible and sustainable use of New Jersey’s natural resources and protection of environmental health. provides leadership, education, and support for environmental commissions and other local boards and public officials, and partners with other organizations to advocate for strong state and regional environmental policy.

Website: http://www.anjec.org/index.htm

Volunteer page: http://www.anjec.org/Volunteer.htm
Volunteer Form: http://www.anjec.org/VolunteerForm.htm
Email:  info@anjec.org
Phone: 973-539-7547

What volunteers do:

  • Photography - for the ANJEC Report, web site or other ANJEC publications.
  • Marketing - for ANJEC publications and services.
  • Mailings - stuffing envelopes, putting on labels.
  • Computer in-putting - keeping our database up-to-date.
  • Resource Center Library - organizing and cataloguing publications.
  • Writing articles - for the ANJEC Report.
  • Local Information - keeping us informed about issues, meetings and events in your region.

Region: Statewide


  • Restoring the Park: To restore a landscape work of art to its highest standards of use and beauty. To enroll visionaries who support and sustain this effort.
  • Renewing Our Spirit: To bring together people of all ages and backgrounds in the ongoing renewal and care of their park. To engender pride of place and a sense of ownership in an entire community.

Website:  http://www.branchbrookpark.org

Volunteer form/page: http://www.branchbrookpark.org/supportthepark/lendahand.html
Email: careofthepark@branchbrookpark.org

What volunteers do: Join our family of volunteers who help maintain our park and keep it growing, glowing and vibrant. Each year, hundreds of volunteers come together to tackle big initiatives such as planting, pruning and other park-wide projects.

Region: Newark, Essex County 

Mission: City Green is dedicated to the establishment of urban farms and gardens in northern New Jersey’s cities to create access to healthy, local food while cultivating education in food systems, nutrition and the environment.  City Green offers practical, technical and financial support to community members of all ages to design, create and manage these urban green spaces.  City Green promotes food justice and environmental equality through these greening efforts.

Website: http://citygreenonline.org/

Volunteer form/page: http://citygreenonline.org/volunteer  
Form: http://citygreenonline.org/volunteer-form
Email: info@city-green.org
Phone: 973-869-4086

What volunteers do:

  • Farming: Assist with farm tasks, seed starting, planting, weeding, harvesting, and other farm maintenance as needed.
  • Gardening: Working side by side with Director of Horticulture enhancing and maintaining ornamental gardens.
  • Education: assist in hosting field trips and educational Family Fun Days. Volunteers will facilitate the diverse educational activities programmed for the events.
  • Corporate: If your company is interested in spending quality time with a quality urban farming/community gardening organization, we are ready to host you!  


  • Farming and Gardening are in Clifton, NJ. Willingness to get dirty, work with your hands, and a passion for learning, growing, and community building are necessary.
  • Education takes place in both Clifton, NJ, and Eastside Park in Paterson, NJ. Teaching experience, working with children, and an interest in environmental education preferred. All accepted applicants must undergo a criminal background check.

Region: Clifton, Paterson, in Essex and Passaic Counties 

Mission: Our mission is to preserve rare and imperiled species of wildlife that live and breed in, and migrate through New Jersey.

Website:  http://www.conservewildlifenj.org

Volunteer form/page: http://www.conservewildlifenj.org/getinvolved/volunteer
Phone: (609) 984-6012

What volunteers do: Various projects, including assisting with road closures to help amphibians safely cross roads; helping to fence beach nesting bird habitat; listening for frog and toad calls; monitoring American kestrel nestboxes; counting bats; installing and repairing osprey nesting platforms; and administrative duties in the Foundation’s offices in Trenton. Most of these volunteer opportunities offer chances to get hands-on experience with wildlife management techniques in the habitat where these rare species exist. You will discover that New Jersey is an amazing state that is rich in biodiversity.

Region: Statewide

Mission:  Foster self-reliant families and healthy, sustainable communities:

  • revitalizes communities by working alongside local residents to plan their neighborhoods’ future, and by developing energy efficient, affordable and healthy homes, parks, gardens, shared facilities, and more
  • trains and educates adults and youth through an alternative high school, vocational center, and family support services
  • builds wealth through innovative financial services and loans that help restore credit and increase savings
  • promotes healthy living by tackling environmental hazards, fostering energy efficiency, improving open space, and expanding access to locally grown food

Website:  https://isles.org/

Volunteer Page: https://isles.org/volunteer#.WOVZHBLyuRs
Volunteer form: https://isles.org/volunteer/contact#.WOVZPxLyuRs
Email:   volunteers@isles.org
Phone:  609-341-4738

What volunteers do:

  • Recreation Volunteers: Assist with engaging with community members and youth in healthy, fun activities in various locations around town.
  • IT Equipment Inventory and Disposition: Inventory, organize, evaluate, and realize value from our inventory excess of IT equipment.
  • Photographer: Take photos at our events, which we can then share with various media outlets.
  • Community Representatives: Volunteers are needed in neighborhoods throughout the area to greet representatives from Isles, introduce them to the resources in your neighborhood, and guide them while they carry out their projects.
  • Isles Youth Institute Mentors: Do fun, healthy activities with their mentees for four hours a month, and they serve as a positive and caring role model for at-risk youth.
  • Professional Guests: Help students practice their networking and career skills by attending events, doing mock interviews, and giving presentations on their careers.
  • Lunch Aide: Serve lunch to students at the Isles Youth Institute.
  • Garden Docents: Work with schools and neighborhoods to create interactive events in the community gardens.
  • Garden Stewards: Take care of a community garden.
  • Special Projects and Events: If you have specific interests, skills, or time constraints, these are a great way of support.

FYI: Volunteers who work directly with youth are screened and must pass a background check. Volunteers working with personal information must sign and abide by a confidentiality agreement. All Volunteers need to sign a liability waiver and photo release to participate in our projects.

Region: Trenton, Mercer County

Mission: New Jersey Audubon fosters environmental awareness and a conservation ethic among New Jersey's citizens; protects New Jersey's birds, mammals, other animals, and plants, especially endangered and threatened species; and promotes preservation of New Jersey's valuable natural habitats.

Website:  http://www.njaudubon.org

Volunteer form/page: http://www.njaudubon.org/SectionAboutNJAS/VolunteerOpportunities.aspx
Email: hq@njaudubon.org
Phone: (908) 204-8998

What volunteers do: 

Marketing, Direct Mail and Public Outreach:

  • Staffing exhibit booths at fairs and special functions (NJA Eco-Ambassadors)
  • Assembling important Membership and Donor mailings
  • Website maintenance, graphic design and layout
  • Entering computer data


  • Assist in research and writing for Corporate and Foundation grant requests
  • Helping manage special fundraising events

Education & Research

  • Leading nature walks and assisting on field trips
  • Becoming a Trained Associate Naturalist or Teacher-Naturalist
  • Preparing Arts and Crafts materials for Classes, Camps and Workshops
  • Performing important Wildlife Research/Citizen Science

Property Maintenance

  • Property and trail maintenance
  • Building maintenance and repair
  • Special projects (skills will vary with the specific project)


  • Store sales and reception
  • Retail store inventory

Finance Department

  • Special Projects - excel spreadsheets and updating Financial Procedures and forms.

General clerical -- filing, typing, etc.

Region: Statewide

Mission: NJCA is a statewide grassroots organization that fights for economic and social justice. We combine on the ground organizing, legislative advocacy, and electoral campaigns to win progressive policy and political victories that make a difference in people’s lives.
Through education, outreach and direct services, we empower people to take control of their economic futures.

Website: https://njcitizenaction.org/

Volunteer form/page: https://njcitizenaction.org/?page_id=180
Phone: Interested individuals should call NJCA at (732) 246-4772 or (973) 643-8800 and speak with Ann, India, Dena or, Maura.

What volunteers do: New Jersey Citizen Action is in need of volunteers working out of our Highland Park and Newark offices on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays to do data inputting of and phone calling to activists across the state, inviting them to participate in upcoming events and actions coordinated by NJCA.

Region: Highland Park and Newark, Middlesex and Essex Counties

Mission: The Foundation is dedicated to planting trees in New Jersey’s most urban neighborhoods, where the need is greatest. Through tree planting, volunteerism, and partnerships, we assist numerous communities in improving their environment and quality of life.
Also, by employing ex-offenders, the Tree Foundation is providing the first stepping-stone of reintegration into society for men who have been imprisoned for years.

Website: http://njtreefoundation.org/

Volunteer form/page: http://njtreefoundation.org/volunteer/
Camden and Gloucester City: http://njtreefoundation.org/volunteer/volunteer-opportunities-in-camden/
Newark: http://njtreefoundation.org/volunteer/volunteer-in-newark/
Email:  lsimms@njtreefoundation.org
Camden:   jfranzini@njtreefoundation.org
Newark: elopez@njtreefoundation.org
Phone: camden: 856-287-4488 Newark: 609-439-1755

What volunteers do:

  • Every spring and fall, hundreds of volunteers join forces with the NJ Tree Foundation and our community partners to dig holes, plant trees, lay mulch, and have fun at tree planting events. Tools, gloves, water, and planting instructions are provided by the NJ Tree Foundation staff.
  • Take pictures and/or video at our tree planting events.

FYI: Volunteers should sign up in advance.

Region: Camden, Newark, and Gloucester City, in Essex, Camden Counties 

Mission: The New Jersey Chapter of the Sierra Club is part of the country’s largest and oldest grassroots environmental organization. We seek to influence public policy in both Washington and the state capitals through public education and political action. Our mission is to explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the earth; To practice and promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems and resources; To educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environments.

Website: http://www.sierraclub.org/new-jersey

Volunteer form/page: http://www.sierraclub.org/new-jersey/volunteer-opportunities
mail: toni.granato@sierraclub.org
*For volunteer college students: jkashwick@gmail.com
Phone: 973-716-0297
*For volunteer college students: 201-294-1092

What volunteers do:

State level:

  • Delaware Water Gap Team Leader – Lead Team efforts to expand and re-designate the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (“DEWA”) to a National Park and Preserve.
  • Delaware Water Gap Team Member – Work with other Team members in efforts to expand and re-designate the DEWA to a National Park and Preserve.
  • Solar Homes Issues Coordinator – Help efforts to increase the use of solar energy in homes.
  • Inner City Outings Volunteers – Help connect children from urban areas with the natural world through hiking and exploration. Free training provided for all interested volunteers.
  • Advertising Director – Use and develop your media skills by increasing the Jersey Sierran’s advertising base. Engage existing and potential advertisers.  
  • *Volunteer College Student- Work with the Chapter Political Chair to help with voter registration efforts and to elect a new pro-environment governor. 

Local level: with many local chapters around the state, get involved in coordination, fundraising, publicity, events, media, different committees.

Region: Statewide

Mission: To ensure the survival of future generations by guiding youth and community toward a pure connection with the Earth. We offer day and overnight Earth Skills programs for children and families through our Coyote Tracks Public Programs in the summer, and our  Concentric Rings Outreach Programs for schools and other groups throughout the year.

Website: http://www.cotef.org

Volunteer form/page: http://www.cotef.org/contact-us/work-with-cotef
Email: info@cotef.org
Phone: (609) 971-1799     

What volunteers do:

  • Program Volunteer: help with food preparations, oversee chore groups, help set up for activities and help with some of the activities.
  • Volunteer Guest Instructor: teach, share your talents
  • Head Cook: Head Cook is responsible for creating menus, buying food, preparing and cooking meals for 20 to 50 people and coordinating volunteer help in the kitchen and dining hall.
  • Instructor In Training: work with the instructor teams to plan and implement the program. Working with children and teaching the skills.
  • Other: photography, grant writing, fund raising or others that support the organization overall.

FYI: All volunteers are subject to reference and criminal record checks. Mostly during summer.

Region: Waretown, Ocean County

Mission: The Land Conservancy of New Jersey preserves land and water resources, conserves open space, and inspires and empowers individuals and communities to protect our natural land and environment.

Website:  http://tlc-nj.org/

Volunteer form/page: http://tlc-nj.org/volunteerhelp-wanted
Email: bmccloskey@tlc-nj.org
Phone: 973-541-1010 x14

What volunteers do: The Conservancy is currently looking for a handy person.

Region: Montville in Morris County