Racial Justice

Mission: Defend and protect the liberties of individuals throughout our state. We achieve our goals through litigation, advocacy on behalf of individuals, and lobbying. In addition, the ACLU-NJ is active in many public education and community organizing projects.

Website: https://www.aclu-nj.org/

Volunteer page: https://www.aclu-nj.org/act/volunteer/
Volunteer form: https://www.aclu-nj.org/act/volunteer/volunteerinquiryform/
Attorney Volunteer form: https://www.aclu-nj.org/act/volunteer-attorney-form/
Phone: 973-642-2084

What volunteers do:

  • Office (Newark): Answer phones, file, manage mail, and organize and update our databases.
  • Events and Outreach: Table at community events across the state - at street fairs, festivals, parades, meet and greet parties and rallies, and other events.
  • From Home:

    Clip newspaper articles that mention civil liberties issues or the ACLU-NJ from local newspapers. 
    Write letters to the editor about civil liberties in local papers.
    Work with community groups to pass pro-civil liberties resolutions in their communities.
    Host house parties for their friends with an ACLU-NJ speaker.

Region: Statewide

Mission: build an equitable society in the United States by de-centering white culture and centering an anti-racist multiracial culture free of white supremacy.

Website: http://www.euroamerican.org/

Volunteer form/page: http://www.showingupforracialjustice.org/organize
Email:  info@showup4rj.org
Phone: (908) 245-4972

What volunteers do:

  • social media ambassador
  • fundraiser
  • write for the blog
  • graphic design/web skills
  • planning actions.
  • supporting local groups around the country.
  • developing and facilitating trainings for white anti-racist organizers.
  • organizing families for racial justice.

Region: Statewide

Mission: To assist African Americans and disadvantaged urban residents in the achievement of social and economic self-sufficiency. Provide full day child care and pre-school, help find employment, help with housing, and provide financial literacy education.

Website: http://www.ulec.org/

Volunteer form/page: http://www.ulec.org/volunteer
Phone: 973-624-9535

What volunteers do: Tutoring / Mentoring Young Adults; Workshops / Tutoring Adults; Arts / Community Beautification; Pro Bono Projects and Services.

Region: Newark, Essex County